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Normal page

A normal page (NP) is made up of 1800 keystrokes e.g. a page on which there are 30 lines of 60 characters. Of course the text is commonly formatted otherwise (thicker text, thinner text), so in order to determine the actual amount of text - thus the number of normal pages - a sample calculation is made (in the text editor (Word) under Tools is Word Count - which gives us statistics including the number of Characters (with spaces), this figure is divided by 1800 – whereby giving the number of normal pages).

We use a macro to make this calculation which is used in all premier Czech agencies.
The definition of a normal page is given in Decree No. 77/1993 Coll. § 24 paragraph 2
Definition = 1 NP = 1800 keystrokes.

Number of keystrokes: Number of characters + number of words + number of paragraphs
calculation = 1 NP = number of keystrokes: 1800

Several agencies use a different calculation which gives a very similar result: 1 NP = 1500 Characters (no spaces)
Note: The number of normal pages in the resulting text (translation) is usually approximately 20 % higher.

1 NP represents on average 60-120 minutes of work.

  1. Deadline for translation delivery

  2. The standard deadline for delivery of translations is 5 working days including the day of accepting the order and the day of delivering the completed translation. Translators are usually able to translate approx. 6 normal pages per working day for routine orders. In the case of larger translations we are able to divide the work between several translators depending on the requirements of the customer.

  3. Commercial translations

  4. These are the most widespread and most commonly requested type of translations. They include all translations that do not require an interpreter clause, with the exception of literary or special translations.

  5. Official translations

  6. Legally certified translations, verified translations and translations with an official round rubber stamp are attached to the original document and are accompanied by an interpreter clause. The translation is verified by a court appointed translator, who attaches an interpreter clause furnished with their round rubber stamp. The translation must be inseparably attached to the original (sewn) or its notary verified copy. We can provide notary verified copies of documents.

  7. Interpreter clause

  8. is a declaration of a court-appointed interpreter confirming that the translation corresponds to the original, which is part of the translation.

  9. Form of text for translation

  10. The text for translation or proof-reading can be provided in any form, by e-mail, registered post, in person or by courier.

    The safest and quickest method is by e-mail. We accept all common formats e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat etc.

    All files can be in their standard form or compressed using programs like WINZip, WINRar etc. We also provide scanning of documents in any formats including OCR (optical character recognition), as well as preparation and subsequent graphic editing (tables, graphs, diagrams with keys etc.)

  11. Form of completed translation

  12. The form of completed translation will be based on the requirements of the client.

  13. Proof-reading

  14. We provide various types of proof-reading and text editing based on the requirements of the client, form both translated as well as the original text. For proof-reading of translated text it is necessary to also provide the original wording.

  15. Interpreting

  16. Rates

  17. Should you be interested in our services we can provide you with a preliminary calculation free of charge. Just send us your text by e-mail or by fax and we will send you a cost calculation and delivery deadline.

    The minimum billing unit is: 1 NP.

    We are able to provide individual discounts and other advantages based on prior agreement (e.g. priority processing). We are happy to provide discounts on larger orders with reasonable deadlines.

  18. Confidentiality

  19. Confidentiality of information is essential for us. All of our collaborators are contractually bound to treat all information included in individual orders in the strictest confidence.